Martin Inderbitzin


I studied neurobiology at the ETH Zurich and did my PhD in Neuroscience at UPF Barcelona. My thesis focused on the understanding of stress and emotions and how they affect learning and behaviour. After my studies I worked as media producer for the Zurich based film company PANIMAGE GmbH.

In 2012 my dreams of a successful career were destroyed by a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. While in treatment I decided to sign up for a triathlon despite never have practiced this sport before. Based on my personal experience I founded, an non-profit initiative that documents inspiring cancer survival stories around the globe with the goal to help other patients and families to cope better with the illness and its psychological side effects.

Today I dedicate my time to understand how our mindset influences what we do and why. Our brain is an amazing and very powerful organ, no question about that. But it is also a big mystery and unfortunately not always capable to unleash its power in the right direction. For example many people know what to do, but only few are actually doing it.

Why is that? Why are so many of us still struggling in figuring ‘it’ out while having access to the biggest libraries of human knowledge? Why is knowledge not enough if we want to change this world and how we live in it?

And I want to understand what can we learn from successful people and what they are doing differently.

These questions are the core of my work. I investigate how the brain tells its own story and what methods we can use to influence that process to our benefit.

I give talks and seminars around the globe on the topic of mindest, mindsetting and self-leadership.


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