One year


This photo from my garden is the perfect visual metaphor for my last post. It is just so unbelievable that this seed is growing here!

Of course you will also see seeds on the left and right side of this picture which were not so lucky. And I was very consciously selecting my frame of the picture making sure that this dying seeds are not in the picture.

Why? To trick myself? To trick you as a viewer? Because I don’t want to think about dying? No. I know that I am going to die one day. So will everybody. And I think it is one of our biggest mistakes as a modern society to ignore our own death. Nobody wants to die despite we know that we have to. So the easiest approach to deal with this conflict is to ignore it. If we ignore it then there is no conflict. Done. Solved.

Of course we know that this ignorance is not a solution. So why we don’t find a better solution? Because there is no solution. I will die one day and it will not be nice, because life is beautiful and I love to live. That’s a fact. But does not this fact make life more precious?

Look at the picture. Why is it so beautiful? Yes the seed has a very beautiful form and also the green looks very fresh. But is not the context making the whole scene more beautiful? Isn’t the green even more green on the background of the grey stones? Isn’t the stem even more elegant because it grows out of this black whole that makes us wonder how did it manage to do so?

And I feel exactly the same for my life. Today on the day I left chemeo. I look at this day with the same astonishment and gartitude as when I look at this growing seed. Life is fragile and I am very very happy that I still have one.

Martin Inderbitzin