The power of visualisation


Yesterday I got the results from my last MRI scan. The two tumours in my liver stayed stable and did not spread! This is great news and we are very grateful about it. With the type of tumour I have we do not expect that they shrink during chemo. But he have to be able to control it if we want to have a chance. And we do! Now I have my last chemo cycle and in mid of november I will go through a surgery which I am looking forward to.

We did the scan already last week and as you can imagine the time between the scan and getting the results is not easy to endure. So Katarina and I decided to fly down to Haute de Cagnes, a small picturesque medieval village close to Nice where Katarina’s mum has a lovely flat. Cagnes became our healing place with its very special energy and atmosphere. Most of the streets are small little alleys that can not be passed by cars which gives this magic village its calmness. Walking through this labyrinths feels like you travel back in time.

And that is what I love to do if my energy allows it. Getting lost in the past while listening to a good podcast. I listened to a lot of them in the last weeks, mainly because I was to tired to read. And one of my most favourite topics at the moment is ‘Visualisation’. The power of your mind to influence future outcomes only by visualising them very deeply. There are plenty of examples from professional athletes to monks to concrete examples and unbelievable stories.

So this is what Katarina and I did while we where killing the time to get my results. We made a big collage visualising our dream future without restrictions. From how we want to live our relationship to where we want to live to what we want to do and why. The result is a beautiful mix of personal photos and pictures we found in magazines Every time I look at it it makes me smile. And this is exactly the effect we want to achieve. Cultivating positive feelings. Focusing on our dreams than rather let us down by our fears. I know from my PhD that feelings do affect our body and our immune system and that is why I strongly believe in the power of visualisation. The result of yesterday just confirms my believe that it was worth it.

Now back in Zürich looking at the picture I just realised that there is not one picture representing winter. And honestly, I don’t mind.

Martin Inderbitzin