I am not a number

When you are diagnosed with cancer, sooner or later you end up googling some information. In my case this was not a good idea because it seems that I have a very serious version of it. When I browsed some pages, I quickly realized that reading more bad prognoses is counter-productive. I was completely unprepared to read figures and statistics of mean life expectancies and survival rates. I was shocked, and for the first time I realized that this is getting fucking serious. We are talking about cancer here and not about having a flu. We are talking about living or dying and not about getting the right antibiotics.

But we are also talking about biology and not mathematics. Scientists are obsessed with measuring reality and explaining the world with statistics. But the world does not consists of numbers. I am not a number. I am a human. I have a perceptive brain that wants to live and a beating heart that wants to love.


Martin Inderbitzin