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Mindset - what is it really?


Why is it that some people manage to keep calm even in difficult times, while others are overwhelmed? What do these people do differently and what can we learn from them?

Martin Inderbitzin has been dealing with these questions for years, both as a neuroscientist and as a patient with a severe form of pancreatic cancer. In 2016 he set out on a trip once around the world to find answers interviewing more than 40 cancer survivors. He not only gained fascinating insights, but also learned that the stories we tell ourselves are central to our own understanding and coping with a difficult situation.

Based on this experience, he created the storytelling project My Survival Story. The goal of this internationally awarded project is to inspire other patients to better understand and rewrite their own story.

In 2020 Martin Inderbitzin founded the Mindset Academy, where he shares his extensive knowledge and experience through online courses and webinars.