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A neuroscientific approach to re-condition yourself.


I will run an intimate seminar for 4 selected people that are interested to learn more about the neuroscience of mindsetting and self-leadership.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • how the brain acquires behavioural patterns and how to change them

  • why the brain is the ultimate storytelling machine and why knowing that is a game changer

  • how stress, emotions and your environment impacts your system

  • how you can re-condition your-self 

If you want to change the life you live you have to change the story that you tell. In this seminar you will acquire a deeper scientific understanding of how the brain works and practical methods that will help you to reset your mind.

About Me

I studied neuroscience at the ETH Zürich and did my PhD on the topic of stress and emotions. I am a pancreatic cancer survivor and an enthusiastic triathlete and long distance runner. I am a renowned speaker who gives talks around the world on the topic of mindset, mindsetting and self-leadership.

Seminar Details

Date: Saturday / 9.3.2019

Location: Downtown Zürich

Time: 9h15 - 16h

Language: English & German

Spots: 4

Cost: 190.- CHF (inclusive script)

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